DIY Printing Frames

DIY Printing Frames

Alternative prints require a printing frame of some sort. Purpose made printing frames still exist but are very expensive. A good alternative is a simple DIY frame using glass, MDF and large Bulldog Clips. You can even add a simple hinged back to these printing frames.

Having a hinged back allows you to lift up the back of the printing frame in subdued light, have a look at how the print is progressing and then carry on printing if needed, without fear the negative will move.

To make the frame I got some glass cut for me at around A4 size. I used 4mm glass which is thicker than standard picture glass, I imagine it would be hard to cut. The glass shop removed the sharp edges for me.

I then used some MDF for the back, MDF has a good compression strength. I cut out the MDF the same size as the glass. About a 3rd of the way up the length of the wood, I then cut the back into two.  I then applied some Felt with PVA glue to both peices of MDF. The felt ensures better contact between the negative and paper when the frame is closed.

The hinge is made by using some cloth tape, I simply taped the two halves of MDF together. All that is then needed is 4 large bulldog clips. Its a very simple DIY job that can save a lot of cash, Ive had few problems with these frames except sometimes Ive had to replace the tape. The original  frames I have occasionally bought from eBay are rarely a decent size and often they need more DIY than was involved in making a frame from scratch.