Oblique Strategies

Oblique Strategies

I am sitting here struggling how to explain this. I have decided before I start, I need to get a whisky, sit down and grab my little cardboard black box from its secret hiding place.

Abandon normal instruments. No, that makes no sense. I need another – Ask people to work against their better judgement. You see, when your struggling to for creativity; what is the most sensible thing to do? Perhaps it is to research all the other artists that are trying to say something similar. No, I think maybe you should go outside your front door, close it behind you and do some gardening.

Im not sure I’m getting this across very well. Discover the recipes you are using and abandon them. I think I like this one. Your stuck in a rut, you don’t seem to be progressing. Perhaps you need to sit down and think how exactly you create your images and basically – don’t do it again.

Discard and axiom. Im not sure how I’m going to handle this one, I feel I need more whisky. Perhaps with my portraits I’m unquestioning about the fact the eyes need direct contact with the viewer to connect, Maybe I need to force myself to question this. Perhaps I should think about how people can connect other than with eye contact.

Not building a wall but making a brick. Maybe I should start exploring the ways portraits can connect with people with a series of simple images, trying various things. Maybe I need to stop worrying about a finished image expressing everything it can possibly express, make smaller steps instead.

You see, Ive been picking a random Oblique Strategy cards and using them to write this blog post. They where designed partly by Brian Eno to help free creative blocks. They throw your mind off course to make you think about problems in a different way. Ive no idea if they will help my me on my own artistic journey but as to that query the cards say – Breathe more deeply.