It has taken me many years to realise the message within my work, I’ve become quite enthusiastic about how to begin to express it. It’s the feeling of needing to be understood, it’s about creating the strongest connection with the viewer as possible, a gripping emotional pull being generated from the sitter to the viewer.

I’m taking my first steps into this journey and I’m struggling to find my feet, unsure of how to express this feeling with images. My ideas where simply about an expression, a tension in the hands. The forth shoot into my journey and myself and the the model where already thinking of where to go, suddenly my sitter Holly started to come up with a scenario. At first I was unsure, It seemed to cloud my initial feelings on my direction.

A few things snagged with me, the dress seemed too glamorous, the pose a little too pretty. I was worried about the overemphasis of a beautiful body could distract a little from the emotion I was after. Overall I didn’t think any aspect was overtly strong enough to rock my theme. On the plus side I realised the upheld hand enabled me to lower her opposite shoulder discreetly and add a dynamic to the pose that my more formal images missed. I was starting to worry if my first images where too front on, too formal.

The result feels more sincere, more true and powerful. I feel when I let Holly adapt the theme to her own sensibilities, life experience and past; perhaps what I got was far more revealing.

Maybe I’m reading too much into the image because of my connection to its creation, but for me this is the most important image of the day.  It came from the first shoot that fully conformed to my new direction and It feels like scoring a bulls eye. I’m still unsure of where I’m going next and how to get there, but letting the sitter express feelings in their own terms and not mine will be something else to ponder upon.